Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guilty Me..

For the rest off my life...
this is my big decision for me..

words of the day..
~Ndakda gunanya simpan perempuan macam ko~
(i don't like that word...really don't like that..make me
sad when u maki2...make me hilang cnfident..)
~before pun prnh ckp kn yg me nie org yg paling truk
(worst of the worst in the world..)
~sometime when u talk like that make me feel that diri nie lgi truk drpd
pmpuan2 yg ko knal sblum nie..

***other girl can make u happy kali***
that is the negative side..

##positif side##
~always with me in whatever condition or situation
~klu me cenggeng da akan ckp...please jgn cenggeng lu
~my 2nd bank...owez give me money n jaga my mkn n mnum..
~my bestfriend..
~owez jdi pendengar yang baik..

~actually bila kita fkir ttg kburukan org kn lgi byk kbaikkan da g kita x ingt...
maybe it's hard for us or only me..well ya..from what u said last nite mksud da
xda kesan juga kn..

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