Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Triexiem Shila On The Board

** Triexiem Shila **

I love my family..
I love my friend..
& I love myself..


There were few reason why i like to write on my blog..

1. For me this is the one n only friend that always listen on what i want to say..
even i can't have any feedback but I'm happy after write everything here..

2.My blog is very2 sporting u blog can keep my secret well..
except someone read it and ngengnongngengngong.....well i think the person also understand why i write everything here..


i have a friend but seems like i don't have it..
sometime i wonder how to be the best...
not to be the best among the best..
but i just want to have a friend..
who is my besties??
i don't think that i have anyone..
or i don't realize who is my besties..
sometime it's hurt when u know that someone doesn't like yourself..
it's hard to take care of other people heart...
it's really hard to pretend that you were okay....
well i know who i am....
I'm alone..
that's why i like to make friend with the junior
i don't feel that I'm with u all guys n gurls...


iT's so sad to see ur face like that..
i know it's hard for us to accept this situation..
i'm really sorry..
but i'm prefer to make u hurt now..


Dear..u know what...
each problem has their own solution...
but i don't think this is the right way for us..
many people are involved with our problem..
i don't want any of us get hurt..
i swear..I'll wait for the moment just please don't let anyone hurt.


Chubby boy...
thanx for always be at my side when i need u..
but i'm scare if i'll get u hurt..
really appreciate u..

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