Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Are u sick??are u crazy,stupid or what.... once bad words come out from my mind..
Out just like that..
Why do you must pretend in front of me..
I'm wondering..i hate to know about that..
Funny when you keep telling me that you are sad...
You have problem with her n bla bla bla..
But when i view your facebook then see proud to have you..
i love that kind of word show that you n your stupid g********d have a problem..
i think your brain is under your feet..
For your information..why i am mad right now is...
You burden me with your problem....i need to give your advice and so on but the reality is you are happy with her...
Waste government time..and that is why i really get bored to be friend with you..
Stubborn and selfish..and please do't you ever dare to say
"SOMBONGLAH KO NIE SINCE ADA BF"...please put a mirror in front of you FRIEND!!

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